Luxe Lounge Atlanta has been around for years, but vaulted back into relevancy recently with a fresh remodel. This lounge in Atlanta GA offers a sophisticated vibe for patrons that range from young professionals to established businessmen and women. Located in Midtown, Sutra is a classier and more intimate alternative to some of the surrounding megaclubs.

Luxe Lounge Atlanta has endless seating through three bars, as well as an outdoor patio. They host a variety of DJs that never strive to be the center of attention, and they also offer hookah service.

When you choose to spend your weekend evening in Midtown Atlanta GA and you see a huge line along the sidewalk you've found Luxe. Getting into the best club in the city takes a little while, but is always worth the wait. Achieving megaclub status, Opera offers tons of dancing, the world's best DJs, and plenty of VIP accommodation.

Dress your best when you come to Luxe, and expect nothing less from everyone else in attendance no matter which night you go. Their week starts on Wednesday with a hugely popular college night and continues through the weekend.